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You think it
We build it

Fixed Price Projects

On Budget and On TIme

Fast Work Turnaround

Recipes for your success

Innovate with you

Focusing on hearing you and bringing to life new concepts helping to grasp market opportunities by building proof of concepts or minimum valuable product.


Deliver full scope of work

Full-stack, self managed teams that can build a custom, enterprise-grade solution. From high-load systems to proof-of-concepts.

Augment your team

Helpful hand for your team through skill set augmentation including development, QA/testing, UX/UI, and product/project management.

Modernize legacy technology

Re-architecting legacy technology with a data migration plan for better user experience to support digital transformation.

What we offer


We provide a full employment cycle and can recruit a highly-qualified IT specialist or team of experts specifically for your business projects. You’ll save on office space, insurance, taxes, and accounting because the employees you hire will be physically located in our office.


Our customers often delegate the IT component of their business to us so they can focus on their core activities. They trust our long-term experience because they know that we have the appropriate level of knowledge and qualifications.

Research & Development

Our highly-qualified team of R&D experts perform a full technical analysis to determine what your particular IT needs are. Then we look for the perfect combination of technology and skills before staffing your project.


Every business faces certain challenges from time to time. This is when a fresh idea, some good advice, or a business analysis can really come in handy. We give you priceless suggestions on the best way to improve existing solutions and implement new ones.

Techedin provides a combination of Nearshore and Offshore developers to meet your hiring needs.

Our Process

With our streamlined software development process, we are able to build extraordinary products within ordinary timescales.

Techedin allows you to access technology talent you struggle to find

Techedin’s vision of staff augmentation services ensures that you focus on your development process by getting the right kind of people on your team that will adhere to your engineering practices, communication style, and company culture.

As a reputable IT staff augmentation company, we have everything needed to help you achieve your goals, from Experts, to Practices, and more than a decade of experience.

Make having a nearshore team your competitive advantage, in an IT market that is currently operating at a talent deficit.

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Areas of Expertise

Custom Software development

Enterprise Applications

Software Integration

Data Engineering


Ui/Ux Development and Design


Quality Assurance

Embedded Teams & Systems

What Makes Us Different?

Unparalleled Quality

We deploy high-capacity software solutions for diverse sectors, guaranteeing the best performance maintenance; maximizing your return on investment.


We are among the most cost-efficient providers of quality IT services, known for professionalism and 24×7 help. We do everything from IT outsourcing to automated systems at competitive prices.

Project Analytics Skill

Whether it’s software development from scratch or modernizing your digital systems through product with product engineering, our experts will examine each step with logical analysis and pragmatic timescales to keep you informed.

Result-Driven Approach

We deploy high-capacity software solutions for diverse sectors, guaranteeing the best performance maintenance; maximizing your return on investment.

Fastest Response Time

We provide post-delivery maintenance and project consulting with the fastest technical support covering all major areas and time zones to ensure quality maintenance and support.

Scientific Approach

Our connections with academia and research labs let us leverage the latest innovations to make products that are fast, scalable, and secure.

Techedin Advantages

We listen to our clients.


On-Time Delivery




Bug Free
















Our Global Presence

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